Natural features combined with the benefits of innovative material features – aside from the visual characteristics of the natural product, the fedi stair systems also stand out due to a natural feel. The materials are also very durable, resistant and easy to clean. Their durability can be seen, not least in the high quality features.

Load class 32 in accordance with EN 13329, AC4 for CPL laminate, reaction to fire B1 (flame-retardant) in accordance with DIN 4102, shock-resistant in accordance with EN 438


The tangible surface structure recreates real wood. The characteristic wood grain gives the stairs a high quality appearance and makes them appear almost natural – not to mention good slip-resistance.


The stone designs don’t just visually create the impression of stability and durability. This surface stands out due to its durability and is also particularly slip-resistant – in combination with white riser steps – this design is a real eyecatcher.