The wood technicians Helmut Feier and Klaus Dinkelbach (Senior Managing Directors) work intensively on innovation in the renovation area: Door renovation with plastic film.


The process was successfully further developed. High-quality materials and skilled refinishing ensure a growing number of satisfied customers. Thus, both founded the company in 1977 as fedi® GmbH. Door renovation was soon supplemented by frame renovation.

The pioneering spirit and tenacity paid off

Experience and safely working with the required equipment and finsihing systems are the basis for expanding the core business. Trade in renovation products is the perfect opportunity to use the acquired specialised knowledge to expand the business.

Continuous growth

Initially only regionally based renovation companies were supplied.. Overtime, more and more companies from Germany and adjacent European companies have been added.

1980s/The next generation

As the sons entered into the family company, fedi® gmbh developed with a new motivation and dynamic. Udo Feier is primarily involved in technical tasks. Jörg Dinkelbach puts the focus on the commercial area and marketing. Commerce is continuously expanded and today is the driving force of the company. Since then, over 350 partner companies both domestically and abroad have been supplied with high-quality materials.

Consultation based on our own experience remains a tradition

We have not neglected our original business – renovations for end customers in our in-house workshop. It is and remains important to us to always keep our perspective and to quickly react to current trends.


Political changes altered the market situation – a major challenge The dissolution of the former GDR triggered a real flood of queries. Many people founding a business dared to take the step toward independence. Here fedi® gmbh provided active assistance and established a large number of renovation businesses.

No need for a contractual obligation

(as offered by franchise suppliers such as Portas, for example ) with the new finishing companies is an important basic principle to us. The dynamic of young companies should not be jeopardised. As a specialist supplier, we offer the best possible support in all areas, from the technical side to marketing, without limiting the companies with unnecessary guidelines. This is part of our company philosophy and an important guarantee for the success of our customers. That is because the majority of newly founded companies works very profitably in an ever-growing market segment.


Relocation to new premises in Gelsenkirchen – Heßler. A large number of high-quality products are stored and shipped daily in an area over 1200 m². The newly acquired area for expansion is used to expand the range of our offering. Stairs and kitchen renovation and a new range of laminates round out our services in interior design. Turnover was increased by approximately 30%. On peak days, up to 6 tons of processing materials were accepted from the shipping companies and package services. Our partner businesses on site can therefore offer seamless logistics


Expansion of the stair renovation programme After different tests with different stair renovation systems, we became familiar with our current producers. At the beginning, we added 3 decors and 1 front edge to the product range. The product range was continuously expanded and improved and is now among the strongest offerings compared to others in Europe.


25 years of fedi gmbh In 2002, we celebrated our 25th anniversary at the Zeche Zollverein with business partners, families & friends.


Expansion of stair renovation Since then, the product range in the stair segment has been considerably expanded. In 2013, 7 new colour decors were established. The foreign market is becoming more and more important. In addition to business partners in the Czech Republic, Belgium, the Netherlands and Austria, we also supplied partners in France, Luxembourg, Great Britain & Poland. The expansion continues …