Striking door design with a stylish appearance

Individual design gives a room a special feeling of well being. And doors are an important visual component of every living space. You can offer your customers a variety of attractive models with our frames.

Our rung, positioning and glass frames give old doors a new, lively design. Whether it is traditional or modern, sleek or playful – the variety at fedi is unbeatable. And you alone decide how much of a view you want to provide into the room.

Our solid oak rung frames also create warmth and atmosphere. For a unique room ambience with more light glass frames are the perfect choice. Impress your customers with the various options in the fedi frame products range.

Coating frames

Type 16

Typ 16

Type 18

Typ 18

Type 20

Typ 20

Type 25

Typ 25

Type 27

Type 36

Glass frames




Typ G14


Typ G15


Typ G21

Set forward rung framework

Type 01

Typ 01

Type 02

Typ 02

Type 03

Typ 03

Type 04

Typ 04

Type 05

Typ 05

Type 06

Typ 06

Type 08

Typ 08

Type 10

Typ 10

Type 13

Typ 13

Type 14/Type 17

Typ 14

Type 15/Type 17

Typ 15

Type 24

Typ 24

Type 26/Type 22

Typ 26/Typ 22