Now it is all about the detailed work: casing the open gaps and joints at the edge area of the staircase. It doesn’t matter if the steps are between two walls or if one side is open to the living room, framing profiles or side covers are attached

The special framing innovation from fedi: The robust flexible laminate, which the material is covered with makes the framing very stable and durable.

If the staircase doesn’t have high framing or if it is not desired, there is another acceptable solution that can be used: skirting boards. These are cut as you want them to be or simply placed horizontally one after the other.

Alternatively a riser step up to 3.60 m in length can be used as a lateral trim. With the help of a previously manufactured tailored template the edge area is transformed into an eyecatcher and can be covered in one piece.

Skirting boards

Available with a straight edge or a styled front edge, the skirting creates a desired sleek or dynamic impression of the renovated stairs.


The side wood finishing of the stairs is, of course, tailored to the rest of the design. You either select a suitable cover in a matching shape and colour or you choose something to create a contrast.