In order that the new stair design can seamlessly fit within the old staircase system the stairs need to be measured precisely both in terms of shape and dimensions.

Step 1

After numbering consecutively it depends on the type of the particular step. Differences between the three types of steps: In addition to a rectangular step shape for the staircase area (step type 1) there is also a rectangular shape with different side lengths for spiral staircases (step type 2) as well as a pentagonal step shape for the corner area of the stairs (step type 3).

Step 2

In order to make the waste from spiral staircases as minimal as possible, the modular dimensions need to be noted. This means that the individual types of steps are divided into 3600 mm long panels in shape and size – seven different cutting lengths are variably adjusted to the size of the step.

What is special: fedi offers single and double steps in modular dimensions. With stairs that are made up exclusively of type 1 steps, modular dimensions are used for individual steps. With spiral staircases the individual type 2 and type 3 steps can be practically laid over one another before cutting in order to save additional material and costs.

Step 3

Before the staircase renovation can begin with the assembly of the stepping surfaces the measured data – as illustrated below by way of example – must be transferred into the measurement table.

You can also obtain all of the information that you require from our current measurement sheet including an order form: PDF

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